Find Claudio Caldera’s new collection, Women’s Rights, at our next exhibition at Zürich Climathon on the 30th of October!

Zurich English Group is collaborating with artist Claudio Caldera to present an exhibition on the theme of climate justice and human rights. See below some of Claudio’s works.


Claudio’s pieces featured at our Climate Series kick-off event: Climate Solutions for Human Rights on the 3rd of September!

„Combining my drawing hobby with a commitment to human rights, in a time where they seem to be very fragile. I am glad to support Amnesty International and appreciate the collaboration with the volunteers, who are doing such good and important work.

For my drawings, I use markers, watercolor, acrylic spray, oil pastels….and passion.“

Feel free to contact Claudio Caldera at


Claudio’s drawings are for sale! You can purchase any of Claudio’s available drawings for a donation of your designated amount. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a drawing so we can confirm it’s availability and shipping details.

Claudio’s full Climate Justice collection







Claudio’s full Humanity collection










Claudio’s full Women’s Rights collection

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