We are human rights defenders from diverse backgrounds, coming from different countries and now living in Zurich. We came together with a common purpose: to protect human rights and achieve a positive impact globally and locally.

The Amnesty Zurich English Group

The Amnesty Zurich English Group is a volunteering organization for anyone who is interested in contributing to human rights and fighting for justice. Currently, the main focus of our group is on Climate Justice, Armed Conflict, Women’s Rights, and LGBTQIA+ Rights. These topics have been converted into task groups, with the objective to create actions, raise awareness and drive campaigns. We conduct events, write letters to heads of states and also hold solidarity actions to uphold dignity and human rights. In addition, we also actively support other Amnesty groups’ activities in Switzerland and globally. To create greater impact, we also constituted teams dedicated to Communications & Finance, also run by our volunteers. Your skills can be beneficial and you are welcome to join these teams as well!

Now that your curiosity led you to our website, the next step is for you to contact us and join the next monthly meeting! We are looking forward to meeting you and joining forces together to drive the change for a better and fairer world.

Interested in joining the team? – Please fill out this questionnaire.

You can reach us by email at englishgroup@amnesty-zh.ch or in the following social media channels:

Meet Up: Amnesty International Zurich English Group

Twitter: Amnesty Zurich in English

Facebook: Amnesty International Zurich – English speaking group

Instagram: amnestyzurich.eng

LinkedIn: Amnesty International Zurich English Group

Take a look at our ongoing activities and share with us your positive energy, motivation, and fresh ideas!