Right now, people in Ukraine are facing a human rights crisis. People are dying, including children, and many more are at risk.

As Russia continues its war against Ukraine, Amnesty International is exposing violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, and gathering evidence from our researchers on the ground and our Crisis Evidence Lab. From the devastation of Izium to the siege of Mariupol, from shelling in Kyiv to displaced people in Lviv, we’re helping to keep the world informed about what is happening in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, his government and the Russian armed forces are desperate to hide the truth about the war, including the possible war crimes they are committing in Ukraine. This page will feature Amnesty International’s regular updates on the conflict, which help to uncover the human rights crises caused by Russia’s invasion. Click on the links below to access our briefings and investigations into the human rights issues surrounding the conflict.

We at the Amnesty International Zurich English group are leading a few initiatives to help and assist those affected by the war in Ukraine – this means everyone from Switzerland to Ukraine. Please consult below our ongoing actions to help those touched by the war, and feel free to consult the further websites and resources on various organizations and initiatives to help Ukraine.

Military-style Bed Donations

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Moldova has received almost 16,000 Ukrainian refugees. Cold and exhausted, these refugees desperately need a bed to sleep and rest. Our activists have already reached out to the Swiss military, @ikeaschweiz, @brackch, @fust.ch and @lipo.ch for donations of beds (military-style bunk beds would be best). If you have or know of any contact with whom this can be arranged, please contact us.

We have sent the beds to Moldova! Stay in touch with us for further developments on this initiative. 






Medical, Instant Foods, Crafts Donations

We are now gathering various supplies to help Ukrainian refugees. If you can donate, please consult the below list of materials needed:

Chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, anti-inflammation medication, syringes of 5, 10, 15 ml., feminine hygiene products, disposable scalpels, wide-use antibiotics, bactericidial products, sleeping bags, warm blankets, warm clothes, jackets (preferably dark colors), gloves, thermos, instant food & drinks, torches with batteries;

For children: paper, crayons, little crafts, small pocket-sized toys.

If you would like to show support and send any of these materials to those in need, please bring us your donations.

We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of SUPPORT for the Ukrainian refugees!!!Within an hour, we have received a huge range of supplies from warm clothing to baby gear, medications and more. Your donations and kindness will be delivered to Ukraine to support the children and families taking refuge in basements, metro stations and underground shelters. Thank you for making a difference through your compassion and generosity.

We may soon organise a second round of collection, please stay tuned to our social media for further announcement.

Queer Amnesty Initiative

The Zurich-based group Queer Amnesty is also collecting funds to help the LGBTQIA+ population in Ukraine. Due to the current circumstances on Ukrainian ground, the queer community is unable to fight for its rights, and has to suffer the atrocities of the war. Queer Amnesty is donating money to help the local queer organization Sphere and fellow queer people in Ukraine. If you would like to contribute to this effort, you can send donations to the below accounts:

To learn more about the actions of Queer Amnesty in Ukraine, you can go to:

Amnesty International Actions in Switzerland

«Stop the war, protect civilians!»

Sign & share Amnesty appeal to the Russian Ambassador to urge President Putin to stop the war in Ukraine and to stop the attacks on the civilian population immediately: in German  and in French.

Amnesty has been documenting attacks on civilians since the beginning of the war in Ukraine: information in English.

Support also the solidarity action in German and in French.

Amnesty urges Switzerland to grant protection to all persons fleeing from Ukraine without discrimination: German  and French.

Further resources on current actions

Thank you for all your help and contribution, let us stand united in the face of violations of human rights and lift each other’s humanity!