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-December 2021-

Free The Five – Protest

When? End of 2021-Start of 2022

Where? For more information, please click on this link.

Language: English

In February and March 2022, the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will take place in and around Beijing, China. It will be the second time in history that the Olympics occur in China. The first time was in 2008, when China hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games. The Chinese authorities promised at that time that the Olympics would be accompanied by human rights improvements in China. This did not happen. In fact, the human rights situation deteriorated and has continued to worsen sharply during the past decade, especially since Xi Jinping became president in 2013.

With the organization of the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the Chinese government aims to showcase how China has grown since the 2008 Summer Games. It wants to highlight China’s superpower status and deflect attention from its abysmal human rights situation. This amounts to sportswashing. China is using the Olympics to try to improve its global image, capitalizing on the glamour, prestige and public interest of sport to gloss over its deplorable human rights record.

The international community needs to take this opportunity to remind the Chinese government that respect for human rights and genuine commitment to the international human rights system are fundamental conditions for China to become, and to be seen by others, as a responsible world leader. China should not be allowed to use the Olympics to sportswash its human rights record. Human rights need to be a main focus of interest this winter in Beijing.

Join us on the 24th to protest against China’s human rights violations!

Write For Rights – Letter Writing Marathon

When? December 10th, 12.00-21.00

Where? St. Jakob church, Zurich

Language: English/German

Together, we are stronger. On this year’s Human Rights Day, we partnered with Amnesty Frauenrechtsgruppe ZH and Offener St. Jakob to host a Letter-Writing marathon, in support of human rights activists and independent journalists who are enduring torture, harassment, or unjust imprisonment.

The annual Letter-Writing marathon is part of Amnesty International’s Write for Rights campaign. Write for Rights is the largest human rights campaign in the world, where millions of people around the world come together to protect the rights of others.

Starting with a group of activists in Poland holding a 24-hour letter-writing marathon in 2001, the campaign has collected 4.5 million letters, tweets and petition signatures since then.

Lend you pen to Write for Rights. Together, we can change the stories of the people whose rights are at risk. (Event still ongoing online)

(Left to Right: Janna Jihad, Bernardo Caal Xol, Zhang Zhan, Imoleayo Adeyeun Michael und Mikita Zalatarou)


The Water Rights Panel Discussion on 8th of December

When? December 8th, 18.45-20.30

Where? Zollfrei Zerowaste Ladencafé, 71 Freilagerstrasse, Zurich

Language: English

To raise awareness on sustainable water usage, Amnesty Zurich English Group hosted “Water Rights”, a panel discussion on the human rights to safe drinking water, on December 8th. As the fourth event of The Climate Series, the panel discussion brought together four experts and academians zooming in on the water and sanitation challenges faced by different countries, as well as the possible solutions to the global water crisis. For this event, we are grateful that Zollfrei Zerowaste Ladencafé has rented out their environmental-conscious and sustainable café at Freilagerstrasse 71. Our panel of experts consisted of:

  • Professor Bernhard Wehrli
  • Professor Christian Huggel
  • Professor Ivo Wallimann-Helmer
  • Sara Marks






-November 2021-

Climate Fresk Workshop (Please register)

When? November 17th, 18.00-21.00

Where? Impact Hub Zürich Viadukt

«The Climate Fresk» is a workshop that aims to raise awareness and understanding among people about climate change. Based on the IPCC report, it explains the climate functioning and the consequences of its disruption. It gives the opportunity to learn a lot in a very short period of time and addresses both novices and experts. The workshop is based on a 42-card game. Each card represents an element, a cause, or a consequence of climate change. As a team, guided by your facilitator, you are to find the cause-effect relationship between the different components of climate change. Collective intelligence will get you from one deck of cards to the next! This step-by-step reconstruction provides keys to understanding the complexity and developing an overview of climate change.

THREE PHASES of the workshop:

– 90 ’step-by-step building up the Climate Fresk in a team (5-7 participants)

– 30 ‹creative phase: Summarize what you have learned & “acquire” the knowledge

– 60 ‹Debrief: Exchange thoughts, ideas, motivations, actions to launch!

For the face-to-face workshops, the protective measures mask + gel + spacing are implemented.

Do you have any questions? Please contact the Climate Fresk team on switzerland@climatefresk.org

-October 2021-

Veg and the City Workshop

When? October 30th, 14.00 onwards

Where? Freilagerplatz, 8047 Freilagerareal

Language: English, conversational German

You may know urban green space plays a role in climate change mitigation, but do you know it is also closely intertwined with human rights and social justice? We partnered with Veg and the City for a workshop and discussion centered around urban gardening and human rights! People joined us to learn about the impact of urban green space on human well-being and enjoy some hands-on gardening fun! Children were also welcome to plant their own flower bulbs during the workshop!

Amnesty Iran Demo against Death Penalty

When? October 9th, 14.00-16.00

Where? Europaallee 43, 8004 Zurich

This event was also organized by the German lokal Gruppe of Amnesty International.

-September 2021-

Clean Up for Environmental Justice – Free Entrance

When? September 18, at 10.00-12.00 (morning to noon)

Where? Saalsporthalle Main Entrance, Giesshübelstrasse 41, 8045, Zurich

Language: English

Program: The event was held at Sihlcity (meet-up at the main entrance of Saalsporthalle). The event started at 10 am and lasted about 2 hours. We discussed climate justice, human rights protection, and plastic pollution fight at the beginning of the event and then proceeded to the cleanup. After the cleanup, we concluded with a call to action for Amnesty events. Kids were welcome to join this event!

Additionally, we featurer journalist Cathy Lai, deputy editor of Ariana Magazine – a Hong Kong-based publication which covers important social justice issues such as gender equality, ethnic minorities, refugees, and conservation in Asia. She is also the co-organizer of several eco-campaigns in Macao to promote ‹zero waste lifestyle› and wildlife protection.

Children were welcome to join us for a reading (in German) of Léa Larrieu’s «Was ist denn los?» by guest speaker and writer Alex Karapancsev, Boston University graduate with a degree in Environmental Analysis and Policy.

Climate Solutions for Human Rights

When? September 3 2021, at 18.30

Where? Viadukt, Viaduktstrasse 93, Zurich

Program: Evening of socializing and listen to our speakers discussing their solutions to the climate crisis and climate justice.

Our guest speakers were:

We were also proud to present artist and human rights activist Claudio Caldera’s drawing collection on the topic of climate justice and human rights.

For pictures of the event, please visit our photographer, Bartosz Kolonko’s, website documenting the event.

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